​Taylor Swift's Fans Are Actually Getting Along with Lizzo's Fans

​Taylor Swift's Fans Are Actually Getting Along with Lizzo's Fans
Photos by Rick Clifford and Carrie Musgrave
In an unlikely union, Taylor Swift fans have befriended another group of internet obsessives — Lizzo fans. Yes, the Swifties and Lizzbians of the Twitterverse are being surprisingly mutually supportive.
One fan took Lizzo's advice to stream "Truth Hurts" and tweeted about it, asking, "Is this how the Taylor Swift fans act and operate?"
Lizzo retweeted the sentiment with another marching order: "Swifties and Lizzbians unite!"
Swift herself caught wind of the tweet, and shared it with her own selection of emojis — the jazz hands hug, a heart and a thumbs up.
It's a surprisingly wholesome and pleasant interaction, despite the Swifties' history of attacking everyone and anyone on Twitter.
Earlier this year, they went after Tool when Fear Inoculum dethroned Lover as the top-selling album. Just this week, they went after Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Baldwin, after Bieber mocked Swift's banana video.
See some of their nicer comments directed towards Lizzo, below.