The Breeders Get Spooky with New "Walking with a Killer" Video

They've also assembled a Halloween playlist for you
The Breeders Get Spooky with New 'Walking with a Killer' Video
Aiming to be part of your Halloween playlist, the Breeders have rolled out a spooky new video for their "Walking with a Killer."

The track is taken from the group's most recent album, 2018's All Nerve, and the clip is directed by Marcos Sanchez. As you'll witness, the video features plenty of eerie black and white footage, which gets augmented by an array of twisted colour work.

Watch the video for "Walking with a Killer" play out for yourself down below.

With it being Halloween and all, the Breeders have also put together a playlist, which you can check out below.
"Happy All Hallows' Eve, All Saints Day, All Souls Eve, All Souls Day, etc.," the band wrote in a statement. "
We have compiled a playlist of songs to help you celebrate. Not so much soul, though... more new wave."