TOBi's New Video Celebrates "Growth"

TOBi's New Video Celebrates 'Growth'
TOBi's "Growth" opens his 2019 full-length debut Still, and the Lagos-bred, Brampton, ON-raised artist has now given it the visual treatment.

Co-directed by TOBi and Jacob Carlson, the video follows the artist's self-reflection in front of a mirror, while animations from Connor Scheffler highlight key lyrics. You can take it in below.

"I gave myself a pat on the back when I wrote 'Growth,'" TOBi said of the song. "I'm proud to be this candid about life, just like my favourite artists. It really is exponential growth in terms of the quality of my mind and my intentions. Look how far we came from deficit to baseline to surplus. I left a powerful affirmation at the end of the song, by saying 'bigger and better now.' Like Ace Boogie says, 'now we just gotta maintain.'"

Exclaim! named Still one of the 10 Most Underrated Albums of 2019. Last year, TOBi also spoke to us about mental health as a Canadian musician.