Trailercamp The Rock House, St. John's NL, May 7

Trailercamp The Rock House, St. John's NL, May 7
Photo: Noah Bender
There's a rich vein of punk and post-punk in St. John's and the band Trailercamp are integral to that legacy. Broken up since 2010, they reunited for a triumphant, explosive set at Lawnya Vawnya.
Lead vocalist/guitarist Jon Hynes is a busy touring and session multi-instrumentalist and solo artist these days, but he clearly gained a lot working in this band. Some groups just have a unique chemistry and the kinetic, earnest hard rock of Trailercamp certainly requires a certain telepathic finesse.
The roar and attack of Girls Versus Boys, the Jesus Lizard, and other luminaries of the '90s Touch & Go catalogue were present for sure (as well as Drive Like Jehu, and maybe Quicksand) but there's an unmistakeable and accessible melodicism driving Trailercamp, a regional legend deserving of more attention.