UFO You Are Here

Fans of the Darkness who have never heard the classic two final UFO albums of the ‘70s featuring Michael Schenker on guitar — 1977’s Lights Out and 1978’s Obsession — should rightfully check these out, for in the day UFO were one of the best UK hard rock bands. They were right up there with Queen and Thin Lizzy. The Darkness owe all three a lot both musically speaking and stylistically. Schenker returned to UFO in the mid-‘90s for a reunion album, the shockingly satisfying Walk On Water, before Schenker’s ego got in the way and he departed again. Still trudging on despite Michael Schenker’s absence, UFO head into their fourth decade, this time recruiting U.S. axe wanker Vinne Moore and (Bonzo’s son) Jason Bonham on drums. Without Schenker, UFO is unfortunately a lost cause. Vocalist Phil Mogg sounds tired, the songs aren’t good anymore and well, I’d rather be anyplace else than here. Even Def Leppard don’t sound this bad and they suck. Goodbye. (SPV)