Watch Kaleidoscope Horse's Epic, Gold Rush-Themed Video for "Behaviour"

Watch Kaleidoscope Horse's Epic, Gold Rush-Themed Video for 'Behaviour'
Dreamy psych rockers Kaleidoscope Horse just spent the weekend at the Wild West-themed Frontier Ghost Town campgrounds for the Crystal Lake festival, and they're keeping the frontier vibes coming with their brand new music video.

The band have unveiled an epic new video for "Behaviour," a track from their forthcoming debut LP Slow, Slow, due for release on August 23.

Directed by band members Sam Maloney and Desiree Das Gupta, the nearly 10-minute-long clip finds the group adorned in Wild West getups, traversing across the snowy countryside on horseback in search of treasure. There's drama, intrigue, trippy visuals and plenty of bleeding from the mouth — not to mention shifting, ethereal psych rock.

There's more gold rush action to come from the band — the band will be hosting a treasure hunt for tickets to their upcoming album launch show in Toronto at the Super Wonder Gallery on August 23. Keep an eye for clues coming soon to the band's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Watch the "Behaviour" video below.