Watch WLMRT's Wild and Fun Video for "CUTV"

Watch WLMRT's Wild and Fun Video for 'CUTV'
Toronto post-punk crew WLMRT are set to release a new 7-inch on Pleasence Records next month. Before they do, the band have shared a brand new video for the song "C.U.T.V.," which Exclaim! is proud to premiere today.

Matching the frantic energy of the two-minute punk song, the video is a wild and unpredictable journey full of fake blood and basketball.

Here's what the band had to say about the clip:

We tried making a music video for "C.U.T.V." more than once. The first attempt involved Shelby eating oysters while strapped to the hood of a moving vehicle. The next one was just us detonating explosives in a large field. We kept trying to satirize Hollywood, but ultimately had nothing to say. We were tired and bored of ourselves. We sat in a coffee shop, mumbling bad ideas at each other. Amongst other things, we reminisced about an old idea for a vampire movie that we never made, and talked about robbing a bank for a while. During these conversations, Shelby had semiconsciously written the words "WHAT IS A BLOOD HEIST" on a piece of paper.

We invited our friends Becca, Adam, Mary, Aisha, Rachel and Elina to a studio that we had access to (thanks to Aisha). Once we were there, and in costume, we realized that we hardly had a plan other than "BLOOD HEIST." Our friends were really fun and helped improvise the whole thing. We found out that we only had a few hours in the studio because there was a meeting scheduled there at 7pm. We cleaned everything quickly and went to the park to play basketball.

The video was created by Shelby and Ryan, and the song is about friendship and unconditional platonic love.​

Watch the new WLMRT video below. The band's Pleasence Records debut will arrive on November 16.