Will Butler "What I Want" (video)

Will Butler 'What I Want' (video)
Arcade Fire member Will Butler stepped out solo this year with his debut offering Policy, and now he's getting into the Halloween holiday spirit with a spooky new clip for album cut "What I Want."
The clip stars Jennifer Morrison alongside Butler, and documents the pair's trip to an underground punk club that's been taken over by anarachist youth.
"Filming this video felt like a rock and roll laser tag birthday party," Butler said in a press release. "The kids were amazing-upbeat and hilarious the whole shoot. Such civilized anarchists. And — to mix metaphors, I guess — Jennifer Morrison was a real Albus Dumbledore, wise and unflappable and insanely talented. She truly classed up the rest of us muggles."

Watch the tiny tots terrorize the club — well, at least until things take a twist in Butler's favour towards the end. See all the action go down in the player below.