Yukon Blonde Share New 'Vindicator' Track "Your Heart's My Home"

Yukon Blonde Share New 'Vindicator' Track 'Your Heart's My Home'
Yukon Blonde are gearing up for their new album  Vindicator, and to give you another idea of what's in store, the BC band have shared the new song ""Your Heart's My Home."

The tack follows recent singles such as "Get Precious," "In Love Again" and "You Were Mine," and the band's latest comes via a newly shared lyric video.

"James [Younger] brought this jangly, throw-back tune to the table, complete with a brilliant hook and fleshed-out melody, and the tagline 'Your Heart's My Home'," said Yukon Blonde's Rebecca Gray in a stateemnt. "We were all feeling really good about how we were jamming it that we started recording beds almost instantly. Over the course of the next few days, it turned in to a darkly-sweet sort of mantra on lost love, and how to rebuild yourself afterwards. I'm better now, I've levelled up, but I wish you were still thinking about me like I think about you."

Watch the lyric video to "Your Heart's My Home" below.

Vindicator — the band's fifth studio album — arrives on November 13 through Dine Alone Records. It follows their 2018 effort Critical Hit